Lyft Driver App Comentários

Just driver for Uber instead

You are the worst. Bunch of feminist running the company. Passengers always get better treatments. You are bunch of cowards with no skin in the driving game, yet you are trying to dictate how a free market needs to be run like you just left Venezuela. BTW I’ve been driving with over 3000 rides. I know a little bit about the sneaky tricks you pull on drivers. Trust me, just drive for Uber, you actually make your promo. Not like Lyft where it sends you 20 minutes out and penalize you for cancelling. You have no skin in the driving game so just let drivers decide. Thank you.

Rider's rating and comments

1. You really need to add rider's rating and comments for the driver in the app like Uber instead of sending just an email at the end of the day. 2. The location of the cellphone lot in Dulles international airport (IAD) is over accurate, If we park right by the fence inside in the lot, even sometimes near to the fence, the app can't exactly find where the car is parked and take it as out of the que zone, which is wrong and needs to get fixed. 3. Driver/car rating is too judgemental. I recently stopped driving for Lyft when I found all those extra question that was asked to rider for kudos. My Uber rating is 4.95 using the same car but with Lyft it went down to 4.8. Ofcourse it's not possible to keep the car shiny clean for every rider in the same day. It's something that discouraged me not drive for Lyft 4. Riders expectation is too high compare to uber riders (again bad rating system for drivers) 5. Promotions for drivers are complete B/S. Honestly Lyft's guaranteed amount is too low that many uber driver won't drive for lyft. Your marketing people needs to go out and drive for Lyft a week to actually find how much they can make after 25trips, of course more than $180 and I never really complete the power rider bonus as it's always $60 for 50rides. Why would I?


If you don’t have TCP your are illegal you need transportation license Lyft dose not have licenses for transportation they are peer to peer

Current Driver Review

Things that need to be fixed / improved - Duplicate requests after denying the first one, which depreciates your acceptance rate. - Error when you attempt to go online initially. - Poor map view when a ride request is received, making it difficult to tell which direction you will be going in. - Quicker payout transfer time. (Uber is instant, Lyft can take up to 10 minutes) - The “one passenger has been added to your cue” voice over repeats itself.


I am not able to do only plus. This is one of the cons of lyft. Uber offers XL only which is something lyft should offer. I would say they would get more active drivers this way. Most of my friends have lyft plus but every time I call they won’t allow me to get it. Off the platform until they fix it. V6 cars should not be picking up line or regular lyft.... loosing money like that.

Good side money

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Lyft driver app for ipad

When is this app going to be available for iPad. I see you all have one available for the iPhone itself.

In need for help

I’m having trouble updating my license, when I contacted y’all guys. The lady told me it’s because I have a CDL license. So I when the dmv, I downgraded it to a regular class E license for some reason I’m still having the same problem, and no one wants to help me. The license is not expired or suspended

Needs work.

I like driving for lyft. After I was forced to quit my job because they wouldn’t give me the schedule I had requested a year prior when I got pregnant and had my baby, I need to obviously make money. The app is great, easy to use and follow. Sometimes the gps system is weird and gives you a odd route but usually the passengers see that and give me easy fast directions to their destination. The one thing I really hate and makes no sense for me is having a route pick up while I’m driving someone to a destination. It’s kinda impossible to pick someone else up when your on the freeway. It takes time to exit and go to that other pick up. Not to mention the customer experience. The worse you get stuck with the bad review when it was out of your hands and or it gets added to your pick up rate. I think that if your already on a ride, the system should not add another pick up unless your close to the destination or dropped off your passenger already. I think that once your a minute or 2 away from your drop off, the system should add a pick up to your board not 10 or 15 mins prior.


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Not getting any trip since 2 week

I have been using this app for a while and never had a problem with it but it been 2 week I have been having a problem with this app. The main problem is that i go online for 2 hours and I don’t get any trip request plus i have been online for a long hours for past 2 week. We don't get paid till we don't get trip and drive but how i am going to drive if i don't get any trip request. This never happened to be before please fix the problem. Small tip :- Before when i go online i used to see small car icon on lyft passengers app but now a days i don't even see car icon on lyft passengers app when i go online.I contact tech support too but i did not get any solution for this problem so i had to put it here so dev team can help me out.

Pointless driving

Good luck. Just deleted the app because it sent me on a 35 min ride out of town only to cancel the ride when I got there in the middle of nowhere. Then tried signing off and it still scheduled me for a ride that I couldn’t accept which made me lose my bonus. I drove for 4 hours today and made $20 and $10 is going back into my gas tank. Thanks lyft! Never again....

Great app, but could be better

Please provide support for CarPlay and Apple Maps. I don’t like having to stick with Waze or google maps.

Buggy, please fix ASAP

APP PROBLEMS 1.When using destination mode, if you click on “edit” then click on “cancel”, it cancels destination mode all together instead of canceling editing mode options. It does this every few App updates. Please implement a permanent fix to this reoccurring issue. 2. The apps keeps saying I am there, TAP TO ARRIVE, at my pick up when I am actually few blocks away.



App needs improvements!

The app will say there is prime time but doesn’t show where it is. Upon arriving to pick up a passenger, the app doesn’t zoom in. When a passenger is added to my queue, it always says it twice.

Lyft plus

I don’t drive Lyft anymore its almost 1yr and 5 months to be exact... I drive more in uber due to uber has a option that driver can pick up only uberXL which I really love it. Why? It’s simply bcoz I drive less but I earned more money. The down side is you might get less trip, but it’s okay atleast I don’t drive that much and I always hit my target... I hope Lyft has the same in uber, I hope Lyft driver can set their app only for Lyft plus (not Lyft line or Lyft 4 seat). Just Lyft plus only... bye Lyft sorry... uber here I come.

Awful in every possible way

The worst navigation imaginable. Info is hard to find in the app. The platform itself seems to be designed to waste as much of a driver’s time as possible, and they’ve managed to cultivate a rider base that has no respect whatsoever for a driver’s time.

Estoy muy molesto

Yo mejo para lift y ya hacen Tres cemanas que espero pir mi pago y no me an pagago y solo saben repetir lo mismo y no me pagan mi dinero y mesiento estafado son muy ineficientes

Slavery !!!!

Lyft is totally waste of time for drivers, drivers in NYC gets 80 cents per miles with TLC insurance, Gas , car maintenance, i was always wondering why Lyft doesn’t have too many drivers compare to uber .

Not worth it

I work in Denver and end up only earning about $16 for 20 mile rides, when uber gives you almost double that.


Todo el tiempo tienes que reclamar los toll porque nunca te los pagan y ni reclamando lo pagan ,ademas son muy oscuro con las factura ya que le cobran más a los clientes que los que ponen en la factura son unos delincuentes

This app is trash

This is app is trash, poorly designed, and the UI is terrible. Where is my acceptance rate? I’ve been online for 2.5 hours and have gotten 1 ride during peak driving hours here in a very busy city. I believe lyft attentionally throttles your ride request to prevent you getting that 500.00 promotion for the completion of 175 rides.

iPad support

Where’s the support for the iPad? Cmon Lyft get your act together

New update was very necessary !!!

Awesome ! We have in app navigation ! The gmaps was horrible

Lyft Driver

As Lyft driver I want to see detailed waybill every ride I make as Fare base; per mile and per minute. Lyft just shows total amount. And one more thing about “Set destinations” could you please give toward destination??? Every time I set destination Lyft gives you ride totally different side of the destination!!!

Not cool

We need a notification to let us know before hand where we are traveling before we pick up the passengers smdh is that too much to ask, and also a long distance fee

Great app but please come out with iPad version

This app is great, but please come out with an iPad version


The GPS on my 7 is great but on this app its horrible. The gps voice is super low. Maps don’t update fast enough.

A lot better still needs work

While I appreciate the improvements. I’m giving it 2 Stars because they have actually improved the app which shows effort but it has taken too long for the improvement it used to be a zero star app in my opinion. If Lyft would have acted sooner to make improvements it would be a 3.5 Star app. Problems still existing 1) too many steps to notify rider you're there 2) when you get close a huge icon comes on screen saying you arrived blocking your vision from info you need to make sure you’re at the right place. 3) navigation screen goes upside down after the huge arrive icon comes up (see problem 2)which really twists your mind. And you may not even be at the right place. 3) too much switching riders causes unsafe driving conditions. You get in the left lane only to to be switched with another rider now you need to be all the way in the right lane three lanes over in bumper to bumper traffic. Not safe lyft ....driver safety should come first not the rider being saved a two minute wait if that long. 4) there is no step by step written icon so that you have in mind your projected route. The navigations doesn’t allow you see future turns far enough in advance so you can navigate better a lot of last second quick turning and hard breaking because you need to turn now. 5) Uber has done a great job of charging a fee for long pick ups. I quit driving for lyft for about 7 months because I would drive almost 20 minutes to pick someone up only for them to cancel the ride just three minutes away. This happened quite a bit several times a week one day it happened 3 times back to back I drive for almost three hours making no money wasting my time my gas and miles on my car. Uber would charge a fee and I would not have wasted my time my gas my miles on my car. If this starts happening again I will be thru with lyft I gave them another try because I had to down load their app to get my tax information from them and I saw their app had improved from 1 to 3 Starr’s. It was not greatly improved but better. Please don’t take so long on making needed adjustments to this app it could be a better app. A safer app a more productive app a less confusing app.

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lyft line is so ridiculous!

i am driver in nyc,busy city,terrible traffic,lot of passenger used the lyft line then they do not want driver to pick up somebody!if you to pick up,they give you one star rating,if you not to pick up ,lyft will deactive your account,so?how can i do? and uber is better,uberpool can turn off the pool sometimes,but lyftline can not to be turn off!


Completely awful app that is way too buggy. Their surge area is nothing but a bait and switch tactic. You can go an hour or an hour and a half without a rider request. Horrid experience as a professional driver. Costs you time and money.

Don’t drive for lyft

Wish I could give lyft negative stars. Will never drive for them again. During a ride a passenger opened my door right into a bicyclist. The trim panel on my door is ripped up, there are scratches on my window, and multiple dents on the outside of the door as the door hyperextended and slammed into the front door during impact. These damages cost me over 500$ to repair and lyft refused to pay a single penny. I don’t quite understand how they can get away with this. Drivers don’t make a lot of money to begin with, let alone to have to repair their vehicle after lyft clients help tear them apart.


The app will feed you the same trip request from 30+ min away, and when you decline it over and over your acceptance rating plummets. I’m CONVINCED lyft does this on purpose so you don’t hit your bonuses.

App is inferior.

This app is inferior full stop. While on a trip you cannot change anything - the navigation (sometimes reverts to google which is the worst nav app), the type of trips you wish to accept. I take mostly lux, sometimes premiere trips, I take 3 at most a day, the car is stationary, I sleep mostly while waiting, but lyft and their all encompassing stupidness penalize you as you have been in drive mode for 12+ hours. Driving for 45 minutes - in drive mode for 12+. Very smart. Every so often they think we want to see the co-founders on the road driving for Lyft. Why? We don't give a flying fig. We are concerned with the ever decreasing per mile fee and your ever increasing Lyft fee. Why do we not see a breakdown of what the passenger has paid like Uber's driver app does? We drivers need transparency. How this app has so many 5 stars is proof, Lyft is getting their employees to rate and that dumb Lyft passengers are trying to get you to use their promo code or both. There should be an option for a passenger to request the same driver. Lyft has this 45+ minute notification to let you know if the trip is going to be 'long', in my market that means nothing, 45 minutes could mean 13 miles which isn't very long. Traffic is very bad here. In the airport queue, if a passenger cancels you are supposed to be given 15 minutes to get back to the queue area which is tiny, (you cannot leave, get food, so you're 'stuck', obviously by choice. Uber's queue radius is bigger, you can run to the gas station get snacks etc while not leaving the queue). When you get back you're put back in the queue at the back to start all over again adding to the time you're online, sitting stationary. Lyft customer service agents, do absolutely nothing, not their fault, they read scripts of, "we'll notate your account and have someone get back to you." They never do. Lyft app developers are embarrassing. The app is clunky and first generation trash. Do better.

New driver

So far i’ve had no problems at all and have really enjoyed the app maneuverability and passenger pick up rate, so far great

App is bad

Without my permission add another ride. It’s really bad. If you cancel by mistake they don’t pay you.

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I give 4 stars only because the screen doesn’t rotate to landscape.

Scammers work with scammers in NYC

These people work with scammers by rental department. I have rented the car for 5 week with their contracted vehicle lease. I told for 5 weeks only instead in small print they wrote 53 weeks but I cancelled that out by crossing line over it and made them initial it. After 5 weeks of returning the car, I haven’t received my deposit money back because every time I go there, they say something new and send me back. I wish I have more evidence so that I can sue Lyft and the other company. Never rent from them or their contractor.

Used to be amazing!

Used to be an amazing app and way to make extra money when you need it. As time progressed they began to roll out new “tools” for the drivers and riders. Problem is, as these tools rolled out many had bugs that did not get resolved and they continued to roll out more and more tools rather than fixes. When you do bring the issues to the tech “supports” attention they act like you don’t know what you’re talking about. Even if you have programming/development experience and tell them what’s up in detail. The phone line usually says one thing while the email support says something totally contradictory to what the phone support said. And the email support is alway just generic copy and paste fixes and messages which many times they forget to insert key parts so much if it doesn’t make much sense. If you’re around many other drivers the app will not connect and will “bog down”. They’ll blame your network rather than the system bandwidth overload. They also also blame the device or network or some random act of god for things not working but then the next hour, day, or week, it’ll be working fine. And even if you tell them even riders are having the same issues with connectivity, they’ll send you the same copy and paste email about how your device and network are to blame. Lyft has a lot of issues and really forgot where it started. It used to be better for everyone than Uber not because the prices were better but because the drivers were. Now most drivers I know drive for both since lyft changed so much to their system and algorithm.

Lyft is ok

The only problem I have with Lyft is that I’m trying to make money but they won’t hire me due to the fact my license is only 8 months. Why do it need to be a year I have no points

No native iPad app

Or CarPlay integration

Worst partner to work for.

1: First of all I have to say it’s ridiculous that passengers can request a lift and cancel it right away even if the driver is already in route. 2: it’s ridiculous that you make drivers drive a half hour for a two dollar fare. 3: Third your cancellation fee regulations are retarded. 4: Fourth no matter how many times I’ve tried to get somebody to call me from driver support I get no one at all calling me. 5: last but not least your perk spot rewards are bogus I tried buying a car using your program and was informed by the dealership that everybody gets the same deal. So until somebody real wants to contact me or other drivers and make this a fair partnership count me out and my review stands. I will also be contacting the Better Business Bureau. Ripoffs!!!!!

Destination Mode is screwed up since update.

The route doesn’t update anymore as you travel.

It’s ok but needs allot of work

As a driver for both companies I can say that uber is much much better in a lot of ways. First there app is much more advanced. When your at the airport with Lyft you get put in a que just like uber but the difference is Lyft takes about an hour to find you a ride while uber takes 10-20 minutes usually. Also if u miss a request with Lyft at the airport it automatically puts u in back of the line which is ridiculous. With uber they at least give u three chances to accept a ride before placing you in the back of the line. Second and the biggest problem for me is the destination filter it works maybe 20% of the time. The rest of the time it gives you rides going the other direction and after 15 minutes it logs you of. Lyft please fix these problems i do like working for u guys but these 2 Problems are a big part of my disunion to go with uber. Lyft also pushes the limits on the fact that we are contractors not employees but they send u threatening text messages saying your account is at risk of deactivation for things like declining rides or calling passengers or missing ride requests. They cannot do that if they want to have strict rules then we need to be employees. That’s why they got sued and had to pay out 30 million and in fact I got 2800$ from that law suite. Uber is much better in every way Lyft should be begging drivers to stay with them because they are just a spec of what uber is. I hope they go out of business soon as a driver I don’t recommend them to people who want to drive

Can’t see earnings history

Lyft people: The ability to see earnings by (prior) week(s)/month(s) has been removed. A Help page states you can ‘keep track of your earnings’ and points to another Help page that tells you to do this via the Driving History tab in the Dashboard... only there’s no Driving History tab in the dashboard. If there was, it’s gone now. All you can see is prior days’ individual rides. Last week had a ‘30 rides for $300’ guarantee and I met the qualifications and there’s no way to see if Lyft made good on the guarantee. Make my earnings by week visible, please. Also, there’s no way to limit or expand your geographic region for driving for the day. Some days I could drive someone to another city 3 or 4 hours away. Other days I need to stay within 15 miles of home. This should be an option for drivers to select. Drivers: Don’t chase the pink highlighted regions. They say earnings are higher there and then, but if you’re more than 2 minutes away, you won’t be selected.

We need a number to call when there are issues.

I cannot stress enough how many times there are issues that require a phone call. I accept a ride then half way to the pick up point the rider and the pickup point are suddenly someone and somewhere else. I’ve been accepting rides and all of a sudden they just disappear no cancelation no nothing. Meanwhile my acceptance rate keep getting worse. There is something seriously wrong with this app.


At what point in time did Uber become friendlier than Lyft

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