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Lyft wants you to wear your car out for chicken feed

It is easy to notice all the promos and advertisements Lyft has been putting out to attract to drivers. So it’s no wonder there are fewer rides and bonuses for established drivers. In fact, they have taking away power driver bonus and I personally no longer get any bonus options. As a driver with over 800 rides and maintaining a five star rating I would think Lyft would want me as a driver. The Lyft app offers no nighttime driving interface. Does not allow for in app messaging or phone calls to riders, and had advertised perk bonus that later disappear or are no longer offered. It took two phone calls and an email before Lyft would adjust the color of my vehicle as it showed up differently in the settings picture than real life. Save you time and vehicle and find some other way to make money.



High Gas same fare.

LYFT pls review your fare on Los Angeles area. It’s not fair. And the passenger do not give any tip.

Lift driver

Cómo puedo poner la aplicación en español gracias


I want to drop off my passenger at the arrival point, but it doesnt appear drop off button. And i try to catch the exact point of arrival.for example i have to enter the apartment to catch is so ridicilous.

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work with Apple product freezes. Every time I get a ping and I try to accept it doesn’t let me accept


I am having many issues with the app freezing when I get a ride request. I tap to accept but it is a hit and miss if I get the ride if and when it stops going crazy. I have problems with the built in google maps telling me to go the wrong way and sending me in the complete opposite direction that I am supposed to go. I don’t like that I get marked off for navigation when it is not my fault. Instead of telling me to make a u turn it has me go way out of my way and with gas prices so high it adds up when you drive a lot. I also don’t appreciate that I am driving to pick up a passenger when it reroutes me to someone else not just once but multiple times on a ride request.

lyft app issues

my lyft app also has had glitches most have been resolved but today I had another issue my map had no access it was searching and I was lost in ann arbor and needless to say stuck n traffic due to the big game at the big house , lost sum rides and 1 of my rides was an add on that I couldnt even get to due ro my map not working jst spinning and due to traffic I love driving for lyft but wish when I need to speak w lyft wish hold times werent so long I lose rides while waiting on hold

Needed changes

Pause driving: for food, bathroom breaks and important phone calls. Better interface with outside gps programs In app dashboard is doa. Offline mode to help train new drivers with app and training videos added web training on website Make drive to destination a button on the home screen so I can maybe pick up riders while driving to where more people are rather than just at end of shift.

Trying to be a driver

The app keeps freezing and doesn’t allow me to start the enrolling process. I have an iPhone no reason it doesn’t work.

Lyft Navigation Interface Breakdown

Hope Navigation Improvement . Yesterday I quit driving after the interfaced Lyft navigation was woefully inadequate on locations and routes . Once the navigation continued to malfunction stopped driving and went home . If it re occurs going to reconfigure Waze for the routes an location

Mejoras para todos los idiomas

Si la aplicación estuviera en español también le sacaría más provecho

Not complaining for once

There are many many complaints on here regarding the company and the app. I’ve been driving with Lyft for a month and I am honestly satisfied with it. I do it part time: whenever I have the chance. I would advise others that this is NOT a full time job and should not be used as your main source of income. That’s the trade off of choosing when you want to work. Idk why everyone complains about Google Maps, I have only had a problem ONCE since I started using it. I will admit that the company pay is pretty low, we should be keeping at least 50%. The only reason I think it’s worthwhile is because 50-60% of my passengers tip me between $2-$5 every time I go online. Lastly, help service is wonderful. Had my first throw up passenger and was able to quickly get someone on the phone to help me out and emails going back and forth with reps were wonderful. They really are there 24/7 and it’s great!

Needs Some Work

I drive Lyft in my college area and actually make some really good money during surge time. I just have a few suggestions for the team: 1. Nigh Mode - Since a lot of Lyft drivers are driving on weekends nights, I think having a night mode would be a lot better on the eyes. Once it reaches 1-2 AM my eyes feel very strained from the white screen. 2. Driver Destination - It tells us how far the driver is from us but doesn’t tell us how far we’re going. I would like to know how far I would be driving the person I'm picking up. I don't want to drive 30 minutes out of a surge zone just for $20. 3. Freezing - I’ve had the app freeze many times while picking up passengers. A few bug fixes would be nice


App suddenly stops telling you where the passenger is going, passengers get away with “shared” rides, you call customer service and they do nothing except act like they are contacting IT then tell you they’ve never heard of this issue. Then they come up with these bogus bonuses! Seriously thinking about Uber, truly disappointed with LYFT 😟

Soooo glitchy!!

When I first started with Lyft I had zero problems with the app, now I have constant issues. Rides don’t end when you drop the rider off sometimes, it’s like the app wants me to drive into the lobby of large buildings...and sometimes it will refuse to acknowledge that I’ve arrived at pickup locations. Since I don’t believe in making the customer suffer for Lyft’s ineptitude, this has resulted in my spending many unpaid hours on the phone with support. Never thought I’d say it, but Uber is starting to look really good!

Connection delays

Would like to get followed up/ instant ratings after ride drop offs.

Very bad, stupid......

The application works very badly I stood at the airport of La Guardia for two and a half hours I was 15 in a queue and suddenly I get 44 queues how to understand it I don’t know I was in the same place I was sitting in the car I didn’t move the system works very poorly.

Pay for drivers is HORRID

With the new “Platform Fee” You will make below minimum wage.


This app is horrible! It pays about half of what Iber pays. The bonuses are pathetic. Do 39 trips for $40. Uber’s do 20 trips and get $60 bonus. I drove 4.5 hours and made $43. So they’re paying less than minimum wage. It’s horrible

Night mode please

The luminosity doesn’t change at night and it’s very difficult to drive with all that light on your face....

App not working

I have been trying for days to sign up and EveryTIME i click on the app it says error try again. I even deleted the app twice and I’m still getting the same message.

Fix this!!

You need to be able to see where people are getting dropped off before you accept the ride.


Many drivers are rated unfair everyday, and you should be more consistent about that. Also you have to improve your map because it’s terrible. Drivers are rated unfair because of your map, because it’s showing wrong location. Also the ride cost is very cheap and its impossible to drive in traffic with that rates. We are spending our time and getting nothing for that. Uber is paying for time already. If you are not going to change something I’m definitely going to drive Uber and I’m recommending all drivers to do that. Solve your problems please. 1. Ride Fares 2. Map 3. Unfair Ratings

I’m reviewing the app, not the company...

Unlike most reviews, I am not going to review the potential or lack of earnings. It all depends on what city/area you drive in, what time of day etc. That being said, this app is fine. I use the Waze navigation because the Lyft Navigation with Google Maps does NOT get road closures or detours like Waze (or even the native Google Maps app) does. Ideally I would be able to use the Lyft Navigation but I’m in the city and there are a lot of road closures and detours so it’s important. To the developers, maybe consider integrating Waze or Google Maps with Traffic in the native Navigation.

Outdated map

Lyft really needs to build their own map or get the one inside of the app together. I will not drive out of state. Drop offs should be displayed.

Terrible Service

This company has absolutely TERRIBLE customer service. When I had to deactivate my account I had to email them 3 separate times and theres no option to call. They emailed me saying they have updated their service and now offer phone support but my app (which has the latest update) still only gives me the email option. Now that i’m ready to reactivate, I emailed, they said I was reactivated and all set but im still deactivated, so i replied and explained that and now they have stopped responding altogether. I have sent 2 more messages since then and still no response. Guess I won’t be driving for Lyft anymore.

Unfair for Driver

Lyft rider like to cancel trip when driver heading to pick up spot without any cancellation fees for driver..If driver cancel or don’t accept trip request 2 or more in a week ,,Lyft will notify driver about risk to deactivate account .....I never work with this company again 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

Fake app

This app can’t lets you choose what tips off rides you want to do like share/Lyft only orXL only some drivers have this access some not 👎👎👎👎

Great App

The driver app is improving and that is great it is very easy to use and looks awesome. My only suggestion would be to have a night mode for the maps back ground both when you are waiting for rides and during the navigation process as the white background of the map can become very bright even with the back light on your phone put down to the lowest.

Destination filter

It is a stupid application. Their destination filter doesn’t work properly it was taking me different directions. Therefore, I canceled some of the orders then they permanently deactivated me.


GPS craps out with lyft, I’m on my third iPhone. This time it’s Uber for one phone, lyft for the other and everything else for the third! on arrival at destination the screen blanks out and it’s really up to driver to figure out where person is. If you have a shared ride and passenger wants to get out early you still need to go to passengers drop off location. Estupido!

Driver icon arrow always points north

Whats the point of an arrow as the driver icon if its not linked to the direction you’re heading?

Need better driver compensation


Done Driving For Them

You Put All This Mileage On Your Vehicle And Cause Multi Damages. Not Work It For The Amount Of Money They Offer. Lyft Has To Be Your Full Time Job With Overtime For You To Make At Least A $100/Day. Not Worth The Headache.

Lyft Google maps in the app

It would be nice if they add night mode for the in app navigation. I drive mostly at night and I was using Waze which has night mode. But the in app navigation is better and faster for me. Only thing I want now is for it to have night mode.

5 star company, 1 star UNSAFE app 👎🏼🚫

I usually drive in the evenings and night time. There are a few features I love about the app, but by the end of the night I am frustrated with my eyes hurting because of the extremely bright UI that has absolutely no option for a dark mode or night time mode. I turn my brightness down, but then when I switch to Uber while using their amazing dark mode, the brightness is way too dark and I have to keep adjusting the brightness back and forth. Such a hassle, and extremely dangerous while driving. The app should offer the safest possible UI for day AND night driving. The app also has glitched many, many times when trying to accept rides once they pop up, which has resulted in missing some all together. Whenever I zoom out on the map to see the city view, and then click to relocate my exact position, the app no longer follows my location in live time and keeps me distracted while driving as I have to constantly click to find my location again to see where I am going. Navigation is absolutely horrendous as it doesn’t give you turn-by-turn or street names/distances as you are coming up on your next exit or turn. Overall, the app requires WAY too much user interaction, and in return is entirely DANGEROUS to drive with. I spend more time dealing with the app than I do being able to watch the road. 👎🏼🚫

Scam scam scam.

Sign up get the bonus and quit. This company is evil and untrustworthy. 12th most dangerous job in America. You get treated like an employee but get paid like a slave. Stay away!!!!

Excellent source of supplemental income

I just wish that I can view where I’m dropping someone off before I pick them up. At least an estimated route time beforehand. Sometimes I can’t take someone an hour away because I don’t have 2 hours to spend before I have things to do. And it would be incredibly rude to cancel a ride, pretty much kicking someone out of my car, because I didn’t know it was going to be a long trip. I really hope some feature to let us know where we’re dropping someone off comes soon, it’s a constant cause of anxiety right now.

Please support apple car play

I have apple car play in my car. This app doesn’t support it. Which is a waste, operating on a big screen is way better than on the phone screen when driving. It’s safer!! Plus I don’t understand why it doesn’t support horizontal mode when turning the phone to the side. Please fix these simple issues. It’s doable!

Getting better

The driver app has been getting better over time. It would be nice when using google maps through the lyft app, the setting from the actual google maps app carries over like day/night mode, voice, etc. I drive 95% in the evening and the bright screen it’s a bit intrusive. Please bring day/night mode to google maps within the Lyft driver app.

Lyft allows drives to text

Duh, I’m driving. I’m not going to get your text.

Run away do not sign up the promotions are lies.

They advertise promotions online and when you actually start driving they swap it and screw you over false advertising.

where's the incentive?(If you want to sacrifice your car, time, solvency, life) so Lyft can prosper

Lyft was good,might have been great, but it they got stupidly greedy. “ Hey, what if we stopped paying “bonuses” that bring earnings to the bare minimum possibilities blur to sustain life in the Bay Area?” “I don’t know, why would they still sacrifice their cars, time, effort, gas, maintenance, commercial insurance, vomit on their cars ( and no $150 doesn’t cover what it cost you -not even close) on the eve of rent, a promo, a busy time etc., anyway, pay tickets for municipalities that regard rideshare with disdain, nasty airport staging bathrooms, the shock of realizing they should have saved 30% of their post tax earnings for income tax, etc?” “Don’t worry about it, most of these fools have their backs to the wall. they won’t really have a choice but to take however little we throw their way” “ I don’t know...” “ it’ll be fine. We’ll ask them to set a goal and “ help them meet it” “ with bonuses?” “Good God no! With monkey bs. We’ll let them know how close or far they are from whatever number they put in” “you’re messing with me, right?” “ No man, they’ll go along with whatever we tell them. here, we’ll even add a “guarantee” that for 15 rides you’ll make $150 “ even if the fares don’t add up to that, which they should if anyway unless we’re gouging them deeper. maybe we’ll let them bonus 25 or $35 dollars (since found other drivers w/lower ratings some with less rides getting more, even double this amount: less "algoritm" and throwing hands up to say only the algorithm knows, more fairness and consistency would have been better) “Come on, they may be poor n’er do wells, but they’re not stupid” “sure they are. look, another Gollum just downloaded the Lyftdriver app” “No way!” “yes way, we’re Lyft and we’re too big to fail. we can do whatever we want” “ Dang, that’s messed up” Yes, it is

They are losing the competition with Uber.

Between their glitches with the app & navigation system, slow ride referral rate, and downgrading drivers for not being able to accept a ride in time, they don’t seem to realize that they are in competition with Uber and other services.

Sound effect - total not updating

The latest update is horrible. PLEASE get rid of the sound effect while displaying the total for the last ride. I’m working, not playing a video game. Also, the total isn’t updating properly with the new update. You have to click on the total, then it updates.

Night time

It would be nice that the app was going to dark mode for nighttime driving so it’s not super bright in our faces and I’m using the iOS version of Lyft

Having trouble with driver application

I’m already a lift driver and it keeps wanting me to put in my information

Not a reliable App!

I am a ride share driver and this is the app that gives me the most trouble. Always freezing and not receiving connection. Lyft has to do something to reinforce their app and make it strong like Uber’s. Uber’s always working 100% and never gives trouble.

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