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Worthless Company

Used to drive for Lyft in Denver! People unless you plan to drive 12 plus hours a day Seven days a week you can’t make a living being a Lyft driver full time. But good luck, NO longer a Lyft or Uber driver!

Needs to add Apple Car Play app

An app to pair with an Apple Car Play system would be a GREAT addition to this app. 9 out of ten times my phone is plugged into my radio and I have to continuously look at my phone, even though iMaps offers the app for car play. It makes navigating much easier to look at my radio.

Get the facts before u open ur mouth

Dnt u luv it whn dmb ppl yppng thr mth wo fcts?. U thnk tht lvng in a cntry whr gov pay 4 education, thr b more educated than non educated. That’s not topic here. First thing need improve on this app would be not using Gmap. The list of error w Gmaps I have. I could write Bibliography w/it. Even if it must uses Google, it be nice if u can use Sattelite view. Idk bout others, but a dot inside a square doesnt give too many details. In Sat view, atleast you can see more exact. Power drive area, I have rarery seen it work. Feel like you have to spin 3x7 at slot machine to have it. There r so many times, where it showing extra earning, and rider and myself are both in that area, but request show up a regular ride. And last, Lyft need to look into compensate driver for long pick up. If you have to drive across 3 cities to rider, no power bonus, and the it was 2 min ride compare to ur 20min 10 miles. Make u feel like throw ur phone at something. Nav is most irritated tools. When ur driving to pu. It zoom in the street, and when ur about to arrive, it zoom out so u cant tell where the turn or rider as acurate. Commn sense would have that reverse. But then Google get but hurt when u dont “walk the rest of the way” or taking long route. And the comment is in app rating. I dont even know what it is in rating. U can’t write comments. Choosing star was all u can. Does it need to ask that everyday? Also. Why even have “Other” on cancel ride choices. If you not gonna let driver write there reason. Cuz having Lyft called. U gotta go through guessing game with the choices they have. It alot quicker if u let driver type a few hundred words. Maybe they dont care what the reason is.

Needs a lot of work

I drove for the first time and it shut down on me on the first ride after the drop off. Thankfully, it registered and I got paid. App was very slow at loading. I didn’t have an issue with navigation. Highly recommend that drivers use Waze instead of google maps. Waze updates constantly. Most of my destinations on my first day was at a pride parade event. I had no problem navigating as Waze avoided the closed streets and I dropped off passengers without a hitch.

Too much time allowed

7/15/18: Too much time allowed for the passenger before it starts to charge them. They should only get 2 minutes. Time is of the essence.

Don’t do it

Lyft is not a good idea. I am in Arizona and it is so over saturated it is hard to get good pickups. - Don’t fall for their scheme of renting a car. They say it is $130 to $209, this does not include taxes which makes a Nissan Sentra $260 a week. - Dealing with their support for a returned Car is a nightmare. Hertz and Lyft apparently do not communicate. Their support does not get any information once you return it. Definitely make sure they hand you a physical receipt because they will try to say it’s been in your possession the amount of time it takes them to talk to each other. - Promos are crap. If you have a rental, all your rewards go into supposedly saving on your rental. You would have to make over 110 pickups to get a slight discount up to $150. This equates to working either 11 hours straight for five days or 7 days for almost 8 hours. -That is even if you can get 2 rides per hour. Which is not possible because during their “peak hours” everyone is working. On any other time, it’s literally a $3 ride - The places that are popular bring anxieties and scary people. Keep in mind if you work the late shift, you’re picking up drunk people including ones from strip clubs. I’ve encountered very rude and scary people. -Airport pickups are a nightmare! First you have to wait in the staging area and your put in a queue. This can take anywhere from an hour to two hours. Second the terminal areas they set to pick up passengers fits maybe two cars at a time. If it’s busy the security person makes you drive around until there is a spot.

Very unhelpful support

Recently I was in a hit and run accident and I have been trying to get into contact with lyft support team to see if they can help me get back on the road as soon as possible. I have been lyft on hold and transferred a lot with their service team literally dodging my questions and concerns. I haven’t gotten a direct answer and it has been a week. I would have expected more help and support from lyft

Apple Watch

Please make the app compatible with Apple Watch. 15 seconds isn’t always enough time to get to the phone, unlock it and accept the ride request. Having the ability to do this from the watch just makes sense.

Lyft app is terrible

If I as a driver have a 3.0 as average rating as “lyft app”. I’m pretty sure I’ll be kicked out way long ago... whoever is designing the app should be fired or do something ASAP. This platform is terrible. I’ll drive only for UBER until all the crap is fixed. 1. Navigation. 2. Getting paid fairly (no hidden charges to passengers) 3. Real technical assistance from LYFT 4. User friendly app (big hustle to do everything)

$2500 deductible, deactivates for fender benders

Even for minor fender benders, not your fault, your driver acct. can be deactivated by Lyft. Even if 10% operational still. Plus there’s a $2500 collision deductible you must hope the other driver’s insurer pays. Hope.

Lyft is not as flexible with drivers

Had a 58 mile ride, at 1 pm on a Friday. Driving to the destination i saw the nasty traffic i would be stuck in. Got home around 4:30pm after that 1 ride. Called customer service the following day to see if there is any way the drivers can see the riders destination before accepting. I was told you have to have a 90% acceptance rate. I was also told if the platform isn't working for me, I should find another that does. When I called him out on saying this, he back pedaled and went on to review how many rides I've accepted or declined. I am aware of what I have accepted and declined on your worthless app! He also advised me to accept the ride and pick up the rider, once i see their destination and would not be able to drive them to fake a family emergency. Yeah, he said tell the rider you have a family emergency and cancel the pick up. Wouldn't that just piss off the riders? No help whatsoever. F U lyft!!

They are hiding the power zones

They are doing this because they are charging a lot to the passengers and drivers are get paid the minimum payment, ask your passengers, lyft is not being honest , and if my account get desactive I gonna sue lyft, really they are only show the power zone to the new drivers , really this is unfair , when I started driving 6 month ago I used make 300 hundreds for 10 hours of driving now I only make 150 or less for 10 hours , the only ones who are making money is lyft , they still charging a lot for every ride , if you don’t believe ask your next passenger and they gonna tell you they were charged doble or more the ride .

Needs improvements to make it easier

Once the incoming call comes in it would be better for full address to be shown to see which town or certain condo complex can be seen because the navigation sometimes does not show it. When the customer is picked up and clicking the start button full address could be shown so the driver has some certain sense which direction they will be heading to, this can help the driver not look at the navigation every second. The driver can know a certain town or going south north west etc just by seeing full address at start, this can avoid traffic and more eyes on the road. Also there should be an option for the rider of how many passengers and large or small luggage amount going to be on for larger cars so saves both rider and driver time and avoiding cancellation. For example 6-7passengers and 8-10 luggage will not fit in one large suv. For cancellations like that there should be an option. This can avoid bad ratings for both rider and driver. Navigation could be updated to have more options to use, meaning to choose other navigation apps like the iphone navi app. My opinion and experience the iphone navi app is really precise on the exact address. Besides those thing lyft app is good so far no glitches or bugs for me yet. Updated today 7/13/18 It starts freezing when trying to press arrived button. It shows that circle thing going round and round like it’s loading. It took few minutes to make it work when passengers were already in car.


This is truly one of thee WORST apps I have ever used! I don’t know what’s going on over at Lyft, but they don’t appear to care enough about their drivers to give them useful, detailed information. Half the time, I’m not even sure if I’m in some kind of cue, because I will sit for large amounts of time during the busiest hours. When I accept a ride, MOST of the time the location is off and I have to call the customer to find out exactly where they are, which makes ME look stupid, not Lyft. It would be nice to know the destination BEFORE I get tot he customer and pick them up. Oh, and even then it doesn’t tell me, just maps out on google maps automatically, but the. I have to zoom out to figure out where I’m going. Again, this makes ME look stupid, not Lyft! Absolutely terrible effort, especially considering there have been several versions at this point. Why can’t Lyft still not get it right?


I didn’t even get accepted?! Lol I Uber and make a lot of money clean record and ok driving record ! Hope this company bankrupts🤷🏻‍♂️

Needs an iPad app

The Uber app is MILES ahead of the Lyft app in terms of ease-of-use. I use an iPad mini for ride share duties, and the Uber app is gorgeous, while the Lyft app is ugly and hard to use.


I’ve lived in my city for 15 years yet there are parts I’m not familiar with. The navigation has quit talking. I connect it to my car’s Bluetooth and turn the volume up and still get nothing. It mutes the music as it always has yet no directions are spoken. This is a safety issue as most rides require getting on the highway & taking your eyes off the road to glance at what exit to take is detrimental.

There needs to be a Lyft driver app for iPad

Their competition offers a driver app for the iPad. The large screen is a huge safety improvement. There are some nice mounts available to use the otherwise useless cd slot to mount an iPad as a control center in the car. While we are the subject of rating the app, the latest version works poorly with Bluetooth, and the volume levels out of the iPhone speakers are unpredictable. Some times you can hear them, other times barely. It’s not the volume control on the phone that is down, it’s in the app. I’m glad that they integrated Google maps right into the app, unfortunately the map often sends me to the alley behind buildings rather than the street address, which reads right. At the end of the day when I log out the app asks me to rate it, but there is no space to comment on what went wrong, just a star rating. Overall, the developers need to get to work and made major improvements. Thus my 3 star rating, which would get me fired if my customers all thought as badly about my service as I do about this app.

Cheap. Not recommended

Not recommended

bad customer service

horrible customer service with horrible excuses...


Can you make lyft Driver app for iPad please

Destroy your car to make Money for Lyft!

The other reviews regarding driver compensation is completely accurate. You’ll put hundreds of miles on your car for a few bucks, which you will have to pay back into your car for future repairs. I drove over 400 miles in a day and made just over $100. Do some rough math and you’ll find out quickly it’s not worth the miles and damage placed on your car. The riders damage your car and leave smells in the seats. I have a brand new car from the factory, no one had even test drove the car before me. Now I’m at the car wash having the seats professionally shampooed ($50) and the Odor is still present. In the end I made a $100 from Lyft, paid $30 in gas and $50 to try and remove the odor from my seats, that leaves me with $30 profit for 13 hours of work. I care a lot about my car as I’m sure other people do who buy a new car, protect your car don’t let Lyft ruin your investment. If Lyft deactivates my account based on this review, I welcome it. Please prove my point by deactivating my account LYFT!

iPad mini 4

App doesn't rotate when having sideways, please fix it!

Version 1001.64.3

Since this update, I no longer get rides through the destination filter. Before this version, I would *consistently* get an average of two destination filter rides everyday.

Never acknowledges any problems

There are so many bugs, particularly when it comes to navigation. I keep reporting these issues, but LYFT never takes ownership over these problems. Everytime I get a reply, they always blame it on the user, or not having restarted the phone or deleted and reinstalled the app. They blame google maps for the incorrect directions, yet when I use google maps itself, I don’t have the same problem. It’s incredibly frustrating for a company to never admit they have a problem or even consider looking into the matter. You’d think by now, they’d realize Im probably messaging them because I already troubleshooted the issue and the problem still persists? Makes me wonder if the initial customer support even forwards any of the issues along to the engineers?

Bad treatment for drivers

They don’t care about their drivers

Uber seems like a safer option

With all the reports in the news it appears that Uber is the safer company for riders doing rideshare.

Can not see passenger destinations

I don’t like driving for Lyft because I can not see what part of town my rider wants to be dropped off at. It’s a big inconvenience. What if I have to stop and get gas? What if the passenger is going to a part of town I do not feel comfortable in? After these changes are addressed, maybe I’ll consider driving for Lyft again

Navigation Choice

Your latest update removed my preferred navigation app of Waze. I want the option of which navigation app to choose.

Tisk tisk tisk

So I keep getting emails about my ( service dog) riding with me. I’ve sent my certificate , her card information everything in showing by state law she is to be with me yet these ignorant people are flagging me for having a pet in the car. It clearly states on my profile my service dog rides with me. So what’s the confusion? On another note when it ques me to go to Bna3 airport I have to drive around like 3 times before I get pinged. Come on , do I need to bring my technological skills to lyft and fix this problem.

Something is shady

They do not show drivers how much prime time is on trip when there consecutive same thing with Lyft line.

WHY are LYFT APPS not Auto Installed???

I am trying to install the latest LYFT APP and the word “INSTALL” is not apparent!!! Please fix this HUGE ISSUE as soon as possible!

Starving the drivers

When I first started driving I was getting on average $150 a day only driving a few hours and then they dropped the rates and reduced amount of rides a driver gets. Now on average I barely make $70 a day driving 7-8 hours and rates never went back up to match peak season. Your starving the drivers and we aren’t even making minimum wage anymore. Depressing to think I have to go back to a mundane job to afford my bills and scrape by when this time last year I was putting money into savings. It’s sad

Set destination

If you set the app to your home on destination mode, it should guide you on the GPS as well. But it doesn’t. I don’t know every Street and freeway.

Didn’t know this was Uber

Lyft has decided to take from the pockets of the people who make this app possible, the drivers. Lyft charges the same price for riders but now takes 35-75% from the fare.

Map is not accurate

I see I am not the only one with this problem. Too often, the map has directed me to a location ACROSS the street from where I'm supposed to go, doesn't give me an accurate location in a multiplex apartment complex, and almost sent me 19 miles BEYOND the location my passenger had entered. All of this makes me look like a bad driver. Fix the map, make it accurate!

Disgusting, Greedy Company

If you click to view earning breakdowns on rides, you can see that Lyft often times will collect MORE than half of what the driver is paying, which is absurd. I may spend 21 minutes driving to drop off a client and only collect $7.20, while the company takes over $8.25 out of the fare cost. Ridiculous. You will make significantly less than minimum wage. I can’t recommend this company in good faith. Also, drivers should be able to see where the passenger is requesting to go prior to pick-up simply for practical reasons. Passengers should all have photo ID’s on profile as well for safety reasons. All of those advertisements regarding bonuses and “guaranteed” earnings are all falsehoods. (1/5) - Horrible app to be behind from the employee standpoint.

where is 0 ⭐️

need 0 star rating option for this app

Lyft accused me of defrauding customers

Nothing like making a small fortune for a greedy, inept corporation only to have them arbitrarily penalize you based on falsified accusations of fraud. This is the worst company I’ve ever worked for.

Lyft doesn’t care about driver safety

As the title states, Lyft doesn’t care about driver safety. They allow riders to make an account with a fake name because they don’t have a verification process, riders aren’t required to have a photo, we don’t know where we’re going until riders are in our vehicles, account holders request rides for other people, but don’t say anything to the driver, low rated riders are allowed to be on the platform, but low rated drivers are not. That’s called double standard and is also a safety concern because these riders could be getting rated low because of their behavior towards drivers.

Not good for business

They want perfect drivers, you seat in hot sun over 30mins for a request, not many requests in peak hours, puts client’s words over driver’s words, have to get food stamps to support yourselves, navigation system through google isn’t perfect and the app crashes. The monitor for high earnings doesn’t work, even if offline.

Not cool

I took some time off to be with family more often, but decided to come back and do some driving. I noticed there were quite a few changes, but i didn’t think those changes would affect my earnings so much. I know I haven’t driven in a while, but as a driver with a 4.8 rating I thought I would be back at it again and on the road easy. Yea, nope. Apparently, the Power Zones are not visible anymore and are “only available in certain regions”. I drive in SF folks (where would it not be available during rush hours?). Oh, but they’ll send you an email with your schedule (which is now super limited at a low amount of pay). So Lyft, does that mean your only selecting a certain few via email to make the real money while the rest of us drive around blindly wasting gas? Sketchy and not cool. The new functions are cool (ergo the 2nd star), but i think I’ll be signing back up with Uber.

Being a driver is fantastic! Make money on your schedule.

My experience becoming a Lyft driver is great. Generous bonuses, nice Lyft amp, rental car options through Hertz, nice hoodie from the company. Lyft takes care of it’s drivers. With promo code: GIOVANNI75501 maximize your earning with a generous sign on bonus. :)

Poor navigation and annoying reminders

The worst part is that this app stops working at the worst times. Under bridges, in tunnels, and at critical times. It forces you to take second rides and then gives you wrong directions. Twice the first rider had to take excessive time to get to their destination. Refusing to take a rider happens by accident and the app and the support team annoy you for the rest of the day. I am still trying to deal with this thing as a new driver and my reaction feels like I should just drive for UBER instead.


I suggest Lyft to add night mode and in-app messaging (between riders and drivers) features to Lyft Driver app.

Basically you making less than minimum wage

Sometimes they try to send you somebody live 8 mile and you may just make it $8..

the ultimate thief of smart world.

the ultimate thief of the thieves. they literally stealing money from drivers. if a rider pays $100, the driver will get $55-$60 and lyft will show you the rider paid only $70-$80. ask your passengers all the time how much they paid, you will get the proof. you will never get the turnpike tolls that you will pay when you pick up from NJ and drive to NY. they will tell you the $20 state regulated toll covers it all, where uber pays every single penny. you will never get paid for the 2nd line rider no show money even you drove extra miles for it. they will tell you they paid u miles but it’s not true. i calculated every thing by myself. they will give you requests from NY when you are in NJ, They will give you requests from Queens when you are in the Bronx (I have screen shots) and if you don’t accept those nonsense callls they will threat you for not picking up calls.

Lyft is broken

Lyft does not give accurate mapping when you except a ride so if your in a parking lot that you don’t know it’s difficult to turn out in the right direction. There is no costumer service in the app and it’s difficult to find a number to talk to someone. When you want to report something you have to go through a menu. the menu has drop down tabs and sub categories. If your issue does not fit the criteria for these pre-conceived issues you can’t report it... which I have had 6 of with no way to resolve. The mapping is off when picking people up. If a address is near another street it will tell you to go near the location which is often times not acceptable. You will be forced to drive for no pay to the location once it is apparent that the rout they gave you is impossible. If you use Lyft as a driver I would urge you to only use it for its promotional value as the problems are not worth the effort. Ps because of the app issue I had a 4.0 on Lyft but Uber I had a 5 star st 4.8 at 102 ratings 100 at 5 star 1 at 5 and 1 at 3 On Lyft I had like 35 ratings and I’m at a 4 star because of there screw ups. Pps: Lyft if you want to do better take less money/ percentage... pay the drivers more while you fix your company you will get more drive time. Which will equal the same profits with more positive reviews, not less negative but it will help you grow.

Don’t work fore lyft ever

I driving lyft 6 month the colse my account no reason I did 100 trip my rating was 5.9 I’m uber driver to the never colse my account I did 300 trip my rating was 5:5 Don’t work fore lyft the crazy the take all the money What ever u make the going be charge 40% If any one work factory the making good money so guys don’t spend time with lyft lyft is no good Sparta fore work. Hourly making lyft $5 this funny

Not worth the gas and money.

This is not worth the gas and money. It’s times I’ll be online for a hour and get no requests. And when I do it’s a $3 ride, you can’t even get a gallon of gas for $3. Not worth my time anymore. You can make more money selling water bottles on the side of the road.

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