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Scheduled Pickup Glitch

I had a scheduled pickup. When I received the text to go online and take the scheduled pickup, I received multiple ride requests from multiple people other than the scheduled pickup. This affects the acceptance rate terribly. The app should not send you ride requests during that time frame. Especially when you log on at the time the auto-generated text comes to your device! Needs to be fixed ASAP!

Major Glitch Issue

This app has been glitching terribly the past few days. When I accept rides the google maps navigation gets stuck spinning and loading eventually not pulling up the route which forces me to use the google maps navigation app in order to both pick passengers up as well as take them to their destination. I have uninstalled the app, updated the app etc, even made sure I had WiFi connection the very last time I logged on to see if that helped the issue. Unfortunately it hasn’t. If the map doesn’t work for navigation it makes it very tedious and difficult to switch from The Lyft driver app back and forth to the google maps app just to get passengers to their correct destination. Please fix this issue.

Mapping Proximity

I had 5 consecutive passenger cancelations today, it seems that LYFT App is pinging me from across the city I work in and passengers are not willing to wait the 10 or so minutes for their ride to arrive. Basically, I drive or begin to drive across town and then the ride is canceled & I am out time & fuel, ergo money. By comparison, I normally only have 1-2 cancelations per week.

night mode

Please consider to add a nice feature. allow the app to switch over night mide at sunset. it is very difficult to read an all day mode while driving after sunset and revert back to daymode when sun rises.

Destination mode

New destination mode sicks, very bad design

Glitches Galore!

Not even worth the hassle. Seriously.

The app

The more they update their app, the slower it gets. I been trying to accept rides but it freezes and i have to close the app and reopen which is boring for both passengers and driver

Lga airport waiting area problems

Location is not working properly plz big waiting area.

A Dirty App and Company

The app spy’s on all the other applications. It updates itself even though you give it no authority to do so. This is a disgusting company that robs and steals money from drivers! Stay away from this app and company!

Poor service

This app and company has given me more issues In the past few months that I’m considering just doing Uber and other side gigs because it’s not worth it especially when you can’t tell me what’s happened with my money on express pay and I won’t get started on the accuracy of the app... Good luck


It was great for a while but now too many people drive and not enough people are requesting. After some time it was like I was just working to pay for gas. Only worth it if theres primetime going on, which never happens anymore. Theres also 150+ ppl at the airports 24/7 and im not waiting an hour and a half to get a 10$ ride to the city or picking up an employee that lives 2 seconds away. what the f... P.s. have fun with taxes

This isn’t deaf friendly for lfyt driver

I’m deaf. I can’t hear when somebody call me to meet at where? Sometimes GPS aren’t accurate in downtown of Chicago I wish there are provide text so let them know where I’m at. Please fix it. UBER already have text on Uber apps.

App issue

The app is freezing too much, connectivity issues in the airports as well they must do something about this.

I cancelled one trip, now I don’t get Passengers

Sooo I’ve been doing Lyft for about 5 months now. So far it’s been fine. I’ve made decent money, saved on gas, and met some nice people. Unfortunately, Lyft has some issue when people cancel because they can’t get to the person at an adequate amount of time. I had a scheduled ride two days ago. I cancelled because I was going to be 10 minutes late and I did not think it would be fair for the passenger to be late. Lyft didn’t give me the route until after the time the passenger scheduled. Fast forward to today: I don’t get any passengers until an hit after I’m online, I haven’t gotten any big hits, and I average about 5 rides a day as opposed to the 20+ I was making, before I cancelled that scheduled. Hopefully this is temporary.

Needs comments

I like this app but I also want to see the comments the passengers has made so I can improve. Yes, I do get emails but I’m pretty sure the comments aren’t listed there

Maps are horrible

WHEN YOU ARRIVE TO DESTINATION THE MAPS INTERFACE CUTS OUT AND ONE IS NOT ABLE TO DETERMINE PRECISE LOCATION OF PASSENGER Uber Maps stays on even after arriving to location. Lyft maps interface causes lots of confusion because it cuts out prematurely when arriving to a location.

App not working all the time

I’m complaining about getting notified that I have a possible ride, hitting to accept, and then nothing happens: I lose the ride, then get downgraded because I refused a ride?! I was told last night when it happened that this could impact my further business. That seems not fair!

App forcing me to update

But the app won’t update, keeps failing and I cannot use app

Scheduled Rides - pick up location.

I recently accepted a scheduled ride. I waited to hours for the ride. I reviewed the pick - up location and the drop off location. I expanded the trip details. In blue, the pick up location indicated the Walmart, Clinton, Md.. Therefore, I positioned myself in the Clinton Crossing Shopping Center where the Walmart was located, 10 minutes prior. I was prompted to turn my app on to accept the scheduled trip, I did. The app signaled a ride. It did not reflect the Walmart but, Spar Drive. I did not accept the ride. It turns out that that was the scheduled pick up. When clearly the app depicted that Walmart was the pick up location. In addition, after having waited for a pick for over the required time, I was not compensated promptly. I actually had to call the help line. Each time after reviewing, I was compensated but, each time that I called, I was on hold for over 10 minutes before actually speaking to a support person. Then, another 10 - 15 minutes qualifying and justifying. It’s more of a disservice than a help to the Drivers. For $ 5.00. Crazy. I could go on about other glitches but, don’t have the time. This was an opportunity since I was prompted to download an update before I can drive.

Uummm Lyft

Please fix the gps it’s inaccurate, leads you down dead ends, person pick is off, person drop off is inaccurate, it’s a great start but some things need to be worked out.

Uber copy

Always changing to find a way to still drivers money!


Porfavor agreguen la opción de poner la aplicación en español

Chevy traverse 2018 & up models

Good suggestion to Lyft 1- Lyft has left behind with traverse models Why this model does not get xl and premier or Lux option I believe this vehicle it’s way much better then Buick’s and GMC Acadia’s 2- Lyft should enable the options just like Uber does where driver get to choose which option to drive such as xl and Lyft shared all together is not helping drivers, it should be drivers choice if the demand is high they might end up selecting to drive Lyft - shared and there is time that they want drive only xl , Hope Lyft do something about this issue, We know that Lyft is trying help riders and make drivers available but at the same time of Lyft to keep those good safe drivers then it need take closer look to see what benefits their drivers too, having this all these options enabled at same time for bigger car drivers is not helping them at all, imagine putting ur self in that position where u have a suv that drains 16 miles per gallon and driving for standard Lyft is even money for drivers sometimes even a loss. Overall I have seen drivers want to quit doin Lyft and end up driving more for Uber due to this reason, cos their not making enough money based on the vehicle their driving.

App glitches

I drive for 25 minutes to pick up a rider and the rider had already been picked up by another driver. I could not cancel the ride until I called. So when I finally could cancel the ride it made it seem like I rejected the ride

Too many glitches

The app always messes up at the worst times. It has caused me to miss out on many rides due to glitches. They’ve gotten better, but there always room for improvement.

App has a lot of issues

I was called on a ride that was 10 miles away ?? I was not the closest driver and all day I keep getting 3-4-5 dollar rides ? 6 hours not one single long ride ????? There is something wrong with the app

Navigation maps needs a night mode.

The Navigation using google maps needs a night mode for driving at night, the map stays in day mode and it distorts your vision at night when looking back and forth from the road to the map.


Ditto the earlier review. This is not to say that there are other companies that have similar problems just not as frequent as with Lyft

Inconsistent and increasing issues with functionality

I do Lyft and so does my mom, we live in the same area but she gets power zones and streak bonuses I don’t get and the other way around also. Also the app freezes a lot when trying to accept a ride which affects my rating for unaccepted rides. Or the maps drop location so you either sit around with your passenger waiting or you ask them for directions. Also wish it’d tell you where your passenger is going ahead of time.

Safety is no concern

Lyft corporate doesn’t really care for safety of drivers by not providing information on rides and where they are going. Typical corporate bs

The worst

1- all the jobs are coming too far and no pay for far pick ups 2-terrible software compare with others 3- no home gps 4-to each call center is mass 5-bonuses are hard to catch

I love lyft!!

I really love lyft they are so great but sometimes whenever I go to accept a ride it freezes and then I have to clear the app and turn it back on and I end up losing the run. That then messes up my cancellation rate and really it wasn’t my fault! That needs fixed!!!

App freezes!

Yeah my app was doing the same thing, it would freeze once I pick someone up and wouldn’t let me click arrived. If that could be fixed I don’t have any complaints!!!!


What’s wrong with this app ? Frozen all the time


This is ridiculous I’m going throughout my week tracking my earnings and the app keeps changing my number of rides to a lesser number than usual. The fees from the hertz are ridiculous you have to make three times as much as the rental cost to actually make a profit which can take most of week and there’s no guarantee because customers are trying to get the most out their money as well when they ride lyft. When I went to Lyft hub I was talked down to by Feven who was simply going through the motions and not actually talking to me about my issue. She just kept repeating points as if she was coached to respond and not actually help and listen to service problems. These people were very unprofessional

Needs a night mode

Bright screen during night drives make it hard to see. Only way around it is to use smart inverter in settings.


I have a lot of troubleshooting with the navigation please fix that, also I think Lyft need to take care more about the drivers, remember one driver satisfied you get 5 customers satisfied and 1 driver un satisfied you get about 20 customers un satisfied, this is not just drive it’s a customer service. Also if you send a message for the driver go out of the waiting area in the airport to pick up a customer and this will not effect your waiting time in the waiting area you guys need to honors that or you guys need to specify we just have 5 minutos to dropped the customer for 4.5 miles, you guys don’t count the traffic in Miami, also the drivers just have 2 disgusting bathrooms in Miami airport this is ridiculous, also sometimes the police close our parking in the Miami airport and give tickets for who stop the car and stay in the line to try wait when they open, they treated us like a trash I think this is not fair with me or with the others drivers because everybody it’s here for a reason, I am single mom and I need to feed my kids and pay all bills, this is my full time job and I use my car, my money, my gas, and I don’t see you guys do your best for me, I do my best for the customer. I just would like my partner pay more attention on us. Also I never reach my goals with lyft I ask for $850 a week and when you guys have challenges it’s very difficult you guys the rides for I reach my goals. Please take care of the drivers we are the heart of your company. I hope somebody in the higher position read and take care of this with a good heart. Thank you.

Location location location

The GPS needs to be better coordinated. It often affects pickups and the EYA, which affects the driver’s ratings and overall service. Here is what happens: it will constantly send me to the wrong side of the street for pickups. Or to the back of the building. Also, it will often take me driving around at a longer route. Several passengers complain.


Fix your GPS because it sends you to the wrong places an it costs me To lose my customers they cancel on me and it makes me look bad

Ratings Are Ironic

Nice, deactivate me for 4.3, you are 3.0. Scum bags, get smothered by Uber, the better company.

Need to be able force the arrival and drop off

On occasion the rider relocated from the original pin placement, such as an apartment complex with three entrances. Or the address places them farther into the property away from the areas accessible by vehicle. I.e Walmart is huge. But I can’t drive inside the building to get to the pin. Need to add a feature to force the arrival and drop off. I had to drive to the loading dock for the app to see that I arrived.

Don’t trust this company. Driver Uber

Lyft software has lot of glitches and they held driver accountable for every single glitch. I was deactivated 8 times for location inaccuracy even after buying a new phone. I called customer support and all they do is to ask you for troubleshoot like uninstall or reinstall the app. Lyft team is not much educated when it comes to software and they can’t help you much after deactivation since its not in there hand. I went to lyft office and showed them my new phone, but still they deactivated on grounds of location inaccuracy. They don’t know what they are doing. I never ever used fake gps but they will accuse the driver and you can google it, since I am not the only one who is facing this issue. This company is nightmare and they only care for passengers and not drivers. Lyft representative at lyft office doesn’t know how to handle technical issues. Uber is great and its becoming much more smoother. Sometimes your lyft car will disappear from map even though you are online, and you are sitting like an idiot waiting for ride. Lyft platform is not accurate and it ends up punishing driver. Sometimes I get a ride request and before even I accept it, it will disappear and they will count against my acceptance rate. It is my understanding that lyft doesn’t care about drivers. I am an independent contractor and I should have flexibility to accept or cancel the ride on various grounds. Lyft policy is putting drivers life in jeopardy and they are forcing driver to accept all the rides even though passengers are rude.

A good start

It’s a good start, but needs more adjustments to balance its scales. +2 stars for: 1- Great app design and interface. 2- Revolutionary economic model -3 stars for: 1- passengers must be required to have a photo identification. 2- drivers must be paid starting the moment they accept a job. I don’t know how Lyft had gotten away with slave labor so far. 3- the app doesn’t have to shut off when a ride wasn’t found towards destination mode. That wastes a destination mode without a result.


I have been having several issues with no-show//cancellation fees. I’ll wait the full five minutes, most times even longer, and have a failed attempt at reaching the passenger. I’ll cancel the ride as a no-show, and I also get no-payment. Over the last few weeks I have been having this problem and even worse, when I contact lyft support, they’ll tell me they’re going to take care of it, and they don’t. I end up having to contact lyft support a second, and sometimes even a third time until someone actually fixes it. Which, in turn affects my work and my timing. Also, the navigation is extremely poor. As someone else stated it’s almost as if the navigation gets “lost,” especially during rides. It also tends to take the longer, or most ridiculous route. In several cases passengers have noticed which way it would take me, and the roads are just awful! I couldn’t begin to express how much money I’ve had to put into the front end of my car because the roads lyft takes me on are completely beat up (pot holes.) I’m a Clevelander and anyone familiar with the city knows how horrible some of these streets are! Thankfully some passengers are kind enough to warn me, and navigate me around the messed up streets. I’m not saying lyft can detect potholes because that would be insane, but even my google maps and the Waze app navigate me around roads like that. In other cases passengers have gotten upset because they can’t get where they are heading on time due to the poor navigation system. The glitching is another factor in my many problems with the app and support. When I am trying to accept rides it will also freeze while continuing to beep in the background (the beeping the app makes when a ride is being requested). As well as it glitching when accepting rides, it does the same when ending them. It will load, sometimes for minutes before reaching the home screen. I have to sit and wait so I can navigate where I am and where I need to go. I hope these issues can be resolved quickly as it is affecting several drivers. Without our drivers lyft wouldn’t be possible. Thanks!

Military base

It could improve as in not every driver has access into a military base. For me as an example, I constantly get ride requests into the military base but I don't have the proper ID to get into a military base and then it effects me. I get emails and text messages saying that I need to accept more ride request or otherwise ny acceptance rate will drop! Umm hello! How am I supposed to access a military base!?!

wont even load

this app work fine on android but ios all it does is “something went wrong” no wonder uber has more drivers


This is just a suggestion. Now that iOS 12 allows third party apps to work with Apple CarPlay. The driver app should have an update where the map shows up on Apple CarPlay since most new cars offer CarPlay. I think it would make it easier and safer to have the google maps app with Lyft pop up on the navigation screen. Just a thought.

Looks terrible on iPad b/c there is no iPad version like there is with the competitors.

The app is not as accurate as Uber is nor is there a version for us drivers who have dash mounted iPads. This is 2018 and people actually use IPads wether you believe that is the case or not. Also, the gps is in need of better accuracy (not my new iPhone 8 plus with 5 bars strong AT&T in San Diego)so I do not have to drive in circles after picking up my pax awaiting the app to “arrive” in the pickup zone. I can not manually pickup the pax but I should be able to manually click “pickup” even if the app does not consider me close enough because you know, sometimes the app thinks I’m 50 feet on the other side of the street so, I’m forced to uturn just to force the app to offer to “pickup”. Uber app does not seem to have this issue when I use it on the same ipad where I use the Lyft app.

Convert lyft driver to lyft rides

Hi How can I get a ride from lyft?

Been 6 months waiting on a rental ??

Signed up to be a driver and not use my vehicles. I signed up for the renal car side of lyft. They did take the funds out my account but they never have vehicles mind you i signed up months ago and been waiting. Makes me wonder whats lyft motive here why no reply from their end why no email replies or calls. Either i can get a reply or gladly ill have my refund in full gratitude to whomever reads this .

  • send link to app