Lyft Driver App Reviews

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Forced rides😩

Why did you take away the option to decline a ride? I keep getting request for rides that are 30 minutes or more away and only be going 5 minutes down the street.



Left Help Center is worthless

You never find the right option in Help Center. Very hard to navigate Lyft App. Lyft need to hire someone who can fix the problem and make the Lyft App user friendly.

Terrible app!

The app is so terrible for many reasons. Some of those are: The rider location pin is not consistent. Sometimes it’s awfully inaccurate. STILL DOES NOT HAVE ITS OWN NAVIGATION!! Not user friendly at all, you always have to use it like a web browser from the late 90’s. I once lost my connection and it was a 10 miles ride. It only tracked 2.7 miles of it and miscalculated my compensation. When I emailed to customer support they DID NOTHING!!! And this happened to me twice, I have the documentation to prove it but who cares? And last but not least, the app asks for feedback but you can only rate from 1 to 5. Cannot even address why you rate the app low/high!

Rating system is unfair and unclear

Riders aren’t fully aware as to WHAT they are rating. After each ride, some think they are rating the APP or Lyft itself and not the driver. I get poor ratings for things such as app functionality and GPS route—things that are completely out of my control as a driver.


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New update not good

I can't refuse any requests I did deleted and reinstalled I called lyft they said they can't do anything don't do update

Bid for runs?

Daily I select scheduled runs. Daily they cancel when I'm on the way. Your Acceptance Rate declines even though you are already on runs when phone 'Pings' with ride requests! Stop the acceptance timer on runs more than 10 minutes away and show us rider pick AND destination! Give us time to make an educated decision on whether or not to accept ride. Lyft procedures are not driver friendly. I was kicked off runs and received low acceptance rate for driving CAREFULLY during our recent ice/snowstorm. You really expect drivers to show up in 5 minutes when driving at 10mph? Really? The world is not San Francisco and drivers during recent and future ice/snowstorms should receive Bonuses for risking their lives!


Please add iPhone Maps as a navigation option. Even better would be in app navigation. I dislike switching apps back and forth. Makes for a very clunky user experience.

Thanks for Uber

Imagine that company make millions every month and has application Taco restaurant will be impressive to upload it on the App Store!!!

Easy, fun, and exciting

Idk what’s up with all these negative comments about Lyft but Lyft has been awesome for me. I make good money, I meet new and great people all the time, and Lyft cares about their drivers. Idk what’s up with the other drivers but maybe they need to check themselves before complaining about the app or passengers. Lyft>Uber 💯💯💯

Another super scam

The app freezes sometimes or will shut off while you’re driving, leaving you with no clue of where you’re going or get pay for that matter, the drivers photo and info. appears as required per Lyft, but the passenger is not even required to place their picture, 🤔 #scam The app will charge the passenger a different amount and pay another to the driver and most of the time, they do not keep 25% as per Lyft says will charge, they actually keep more. A new app will take over and be better, called “hitch”, coming soon. Just kidding, we’ll have to keep making this guy filthy rich. While people use their vehicles and others used them as cabs.


Hello. I need to know if you are going to fix an important problem with the Lyft app for drivers. When I receive a request I only see a big white with time, name and rating screen and in the upper half a map that is suppose to show me the route to arrive and where the riders destination is. But I don’t see anything because the half white screen is so big that hides the most useful information, that is if the rider is in my way or I have to make a turn. Also. When I arrived at destination the screen show me a map of North, Central and north of South America to show me the exact location of the rider. I have to zoom in with fingers trying to see where is? Please can you check the issue and fix it please please please. Thx

Change the name “Line” for “Car Pool”

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!change that name “Line” for Car Pool. People dont understand the difference between Line and Lyft rides. They see the first thing ( Line) and the request it without realizing that it is line rides and then get upset whe u pick up somebody. They will understand better the name “Car Pool” once they see it. Besides, Lyft ride option should be the first choice anyway.

RENA7475 $1500

Use my code and get paid real money. Sign up and use RENA7475 at the end of the application for the Promotion Code. Lyft is great for a side hustle . Living in a major city most people need two jobs in order to cover living expenses. Why not give yourself a break and try it out it’s easy job if you stick with it and rewarding . You drive everyday why not make some money while you drive.


Absolutely FRUSTRATED !!! I love to drive for Lyft & refer passengers but lately I haven’t been getting my rewards and every time I call they pull the excuse of I only see X amount of people that used it & you got paid for it ..... LIES !!! I promise I will swap to uber 😒 .

App not loading properly

App doesn’t load properly just saying loading

They kept my sign up bonus

They never paid me. Be cautious


Current driver: Anyone ever notice that Lyft updates are nearly everyday, yet nothing seems to be different, nor do any of the supposed “updates” list what was added or changed? Just the same old BS from a POS - soon to be bankrupt “company”. Hey Lyft - the whole “let’s pull in as much money as we can but rape our drivers in the process (since they are disposable assets to us) while we run this sh*hole of a “business” on a shoestring budget” crap is getting old.

Display for iPad mini 7"

People. please make display for iPad mini.

The maps are horrible

Also the way we accept a ride

No phone support

I can’t call Lyft...they don’t accept prepaid cards so if you don’t have a legit bank account, you have to wait til Monday night for the deposit to start...Uber accepts prepaid cards so I don’t know why Lyft can’t. Uber even has phone support. Lyft just needs to get it together


Give drivers the ability to see passenger review comments

App Crashes during a ride

Please fix the application from crashing when I’m driving a passenger home. I don’t know if this is only happening to the iPhone X right now. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it keeps on crashing. Maybe this update will fix that.


I wish it would show building outlines like it used to. They make pickups so much smoother. You can see this building detail when setting destination filter. Please show this when picking up and dropping off!



Not satisfied with Lyft it’s not all what it’s cracked up to be.

That’s wrong information the app DOES NOT tell you how close you are to a bonus. I haven’t seen a bonus in my area since Halloween when lyft came out with a power bonus get so many rides and earn bonus cash. Also have issues in small areas with to many drivers at once ifs ok if your in a big area or a Metropolitan area but as far as small towns it doesn’t pay to do lift they should all have a time frame time limit I was driving so others could have a chance at getting riders and I’m seriously thinking about leaving lift altogether and just do an Uber because of this issue. Things like every time you write in to lift about a problem they never get back to you or the problem ever gets resolved if they continue to do that then they’re going to lose a lot of drivers.

Broken again

Well, the latest update has jacked up the app again. The blue bar is gone again, when I’m in another app, and when you tap on the ride notification, it still doesn’t take you to the app. You have to manually go there. Come on guys. You are better than that.


Un asco . Esta compañia solo te obliga y vive el día a día amenazandote con sus mensajes que solo te obligan hacer el ride que suene o pierdes tu cuenta .


For a driver you got to go through a lot tabs to contact support or open ride history or whatever and sometimes u could be driving and want to check the app when u get a request or whatever I see it not user friendly like your competitors

Lyft Doesn’t Card About Drivers

They seem better than Uber but, in reality, they’re exactly the same. They have no issue with having 50 drivers compete for one ride, so they continue to flood the Lyft driver market with rentals.

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Use promo code SIMON206585 for new drivers/riders to get an extra $1000 bonus in some cities… May be a little bit more or less in some cities but it works!

Rider Cancellations

Please make some kind of penalty for people who cancel rides. Easily 30-50% of my ride requests cancel, sometimes just as I arrive at the pick-up. I have a three-strikes rule: three cancellations in a day and the Lyft app goes off for 48 hours... the competition keeps me busy enough.

One little detail...

Ok I really enjoy driving and taking people to their destination, but they waiting time is something that I don like.. this is why... if they request a ride and cancel before 5 min we as a drivers don’t get nothing even if we outside already waiting, riders should get charge to cancel a ride.. 5 min is to long to be waiting and even 2min still a waist of time for drivers...

Over hiring

If you really do care about the drivers like you say you do you will implement a way to where you can not layoff drivers but regulate the amount of drivers that can be logged onto the system at certain times and of course increase the amount allotted during busier times but you guys choose to overhire and oversaturate the city with drivers so you can make more money but if you really think about it have a drivers make happy riders and they will wait for a car specially when they get good customer service when there are picked up


Uber has neutralized Lyft .. Lyft is now copying Uber on everything they do...

Version 1001.36.3

My app keep losing connection now. I’m driving in the same basic area as usual and I haven’t experienced this before the version update.

Former Lyft Driver

Lyft is an Excellent Company. However, some of the passengers I picked up indicated that getting a FREE RIDE WITH LYFT IS EASY. Simply give a LOW RATING ABOUT THE DRIVER AND LYFT WILL REIMBURSE YOU EVERY TIME A RIDER COMPLAINS. THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED. TO ME. YOU ARE STILL #1 IN MY BOOK. HAPPY NEW YEAR LYFT😊👍🏻

Scheduled pickups

Really wish when I go to pick up a scheduled ride it would tell me WHERE the passenger will be being picked up, not just where they will be dropped off. I’ve thought I was in close enough distance in order to pick up the ride when the time came but it never pinged me to go pick up the passenger even though I wasn’t giving another passenger a ride. Really disappointed about this. Please fix this. Other than that I love using this app.

Passengers and their extra belongs

Please add a feature to let Lyft drivers know that they are picking up someone with a pets, luggage or groceries. Some of us are allergic to pets and etc so it’d be grateful to know if one is tagging along.

App Drops Connection

Wow, your app crashed and dropped me out of the airport queue in Denver AGAIN! That’s 45 minutes just put me back at the end of the line! I like driving with Lyft, but if I move to a different app with the Lyft Driver App running in the background, it drops the connection and crashes the app within 5 minutes. The “Other” company’s driver app stays connected with no problems. Please fix this. Thank you.

We need navigation feature!

In order to navigate to the destination you need to open google maps or waze. I have seen that uber drivers have a built-in navigation sistema in the app. I don’t know why lyft has not added that feature yet but it is frustrating to switch between apps whenever I accept a ride.

Don’t hawk the reviews to sell your promo!

Anyone who goes by curry Durant or lebron is a jackhole and should not be allowed to play on the Internet.


Whateve. Lots of flaws and payment errors


I like on working lyft, but Gps is terrible, App is terrible you should work on improvement. I cannot understand why are you making updates nothing is added and changed in app. Uber has more, even much more comfortable app than you. Work on improving your app. I like lyft thats why I give you 3 star. Otherwise I gived you one star

Controlling ride settings

This app needs to allow us to turn on only plus rides like Uber, Big suvs don’t make good money on regular rides

Needs an iPad app

I use my iPad to drive, larger screen for navigation is safer and easier for everyone in the car to see, Lyft needs to make a version of their app for the iPad. I drive for Uber also and they've been iPad compatible for over a year.

Love this app!

Recent updates have been amazing! Sign on a minute before your scheduled pick up to make sure you get your ride!

Great app

Not sure why there are so many negative reviews. Outside of a few bad clients which have nothing to do with Lyft, this app is great. Btw I can easily earn those few bucks for bill emergencies lol

Ipad support

There is no iPad version

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