Lyft Driver App Reviews

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Please consider improving the driver app for pick up and drop off which would include the full address. As of now the app only shows street address no town or city. It is very difficult to navigate not knowing where I’m going


Do u really work for lyft?? Calculate ur expenses and see that your actually not making any money at the end of the year. Carwash, Insurance, Maintenance, Depreciatio, Taxes And so on... You did nothing but got lyft and uber rich. Be smart ;)

Lyft is terrible

Lyft is absolutely a terrible company to work for and let me explain why. So I had been with their express drive program for over 2 months. Hitting the weekly bonus goals giving 75+ rides a week and working over 40 hours. This week I was “deactivated” and here is why. I was extremely sick and couldn’t drive the car for a few days out of the week. This being said I was unable to drive the car which leaves me to pay the 30 dollars a day to pay to cover for the rental costs. This came out to $156.75 which isn’t a big deal. (Keep in mind Lyft had to charge me previously to pay for 3 days and the payment went through). However this time they tried charging my account and for some reason it would not go through ( I had more than enough to pay for the funds) and they charged my account 6 times!!! So I get with my bank and tell them to let the payment go through so I can continue to drive for Lyft and avoid getting my account “deactivated”. So today is Wednesday and my account was deactivated all of yesterday and today. So I come up to the Lyft hub and they tell me that my car has to be taken because I didn’t make the payment! But this isn’t the best part. I brought the car up here completely clean on the inside and with a little more than 3 quarters of a tank left in it. I had no idea I was going to have to return it today. They then tell me that they’re going to have to charge me $50 dollars because the car isn’t clean on the outside and $18 dollars to pay for the gas! That’s freaking absurd to pay that. They’re clearly over charging me on both the gas and the cleaning cost. BEWARE! Lyft is a money making machine and could care less about you.

Help line is non existent

If you have an issue they will not help you. Their “help line” is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen. Also, after your first 30 days of driving you’ll make less money. Scam, just like Uber.

Pet peeve overwhelms what works right

I can’t stand that there is no way to keep the vehicle centered in the map. Swipe away, then press the triangle to center the car? And rescales the map to something reasonable? Yup. Then your triangle-car drifts entirely off the map as you drive. Glance at the map...same map, but where am I? No clue. It’s distracting (read ‘increases hazard’) to have to constantly fiddle with the dang map. Can’t Lyft KEEP it centered after you click the arrowhead to center and scale? Or if you touch your arrow-car then the circle changes it’s shade of grey (or gets a subtle ring) and THAT locks you into the center as you drive around? Something selectable should be acceptable. Google maps can do it, so can you. This has been a flaw since we switched to google maps (a great thing). Until Lyft implements a means to keep my vehicle on the map so I’m not constantly staring at the phone and twiddling with the screen I’ll keep rating the app poorly Right now the only way to get centering is to exit the app, and restart the app. That only works until the next interaction with the app (any ride, scaling the map, swiping to see how far the airport is, etc etc)

Too many glitches

I’ve been noticing the Lyft Driver app have various glitches over the past week. Sometimes whenever I get a request and I click to accept, the app freezes with the request tone still playing in the background. When I force quit the app and open it back up, I end up loosing the ride even though I clicked to accept it. Also, I use Google Maps integrated with the Lyft app to use as my navigation, when I’m on my way to pick up a rider the navigation sometimes doesn’t know my current location so than it begins to reroute me to a road I’m not on and confuses me on getting to the rider, this also happens during a ride, the navigation just gets lost and does not know where I am, I get rerouted and sometimes it affects my ratings due to poor navigation. Finally, just recently a rider admitted to taking advantage of a glitch the app has been having for the longest. The rider said during Prime Time the rider force quits and reinstalls the Lyft rider app to avoid having to pay the Prime Time percentage, the rider noted that this method has to be done multiple times, most of those times doesn’t work but it’s definitely an issue because if a rider isn’t paying the Prime Time price than the driver wouldn’t be receiving either. Please take this feedback considerably, thank you. Happy Lyfting!

Why am I not able to become a Lyft Driver

I’m fine with not becoming a Lyft driver, I understand it’s your company and what not, but a reason behind it would be nice because I don’t know if perhaps my info didn’t get put in correctly, if there is just a miss understanding or what not. Because if there is something wrong and it could potentially affect other taxi type service jobs, I need to know. Other than that, when we used Lyft in San Diego on our honeymoon, we were very pleased with the drivers.

App does not work

I have been trying to sign up to drive but app only opens to the search location and keeps searching i have tried everything to make it work i guess lyft os not for me..

$800 coupon: RIDE784

First of all, if you haven't taken a ride yet make sure you use the coupon "RIDE784" to get $800 off your rides!! Enter it right before you request a ride. Go to the Payments tab in the app and enter the coupon there. Might as well try it out since it probably won't cost you a thing!! The app is simple, easy to use and intuitive by design, giving you important info like the driver's face, phone number, and car make and model. It's amazing how quick and seamless the entire process is. A car comes to your door within minutes of pressing a button!!! The drivers are real people, they are very polite and their cars are clean! Some even come with complimentary water, gum and candy! Even if you want to charge your phone, a lot of drivers have phone chargers at your ready!! Lyft is definitely cheaper than your average cab. After all this, I don't see why you would ever use a yellow cab again. Even if you want to get a black car on the occasional night out, it's still cheaper and more convenient than hiring your own private driver. The customer support is also fantastic. I got overcharged on one of my trips and I didn't have to say anything more than a short comment on my driver feedback to get a full refund. I'm very happy and I hope Lyft continues to exceed my expectations in not only the app but customer service! I also prefer Lyft much more than other competitors, mainly because they have so much more supply and cars are always just a few minutes away!!!!

Lyft is becoming annoying

There are certain features that are annoying. 1-when I open app there is a alert to open Bluetooth. Very annoying. 2-The weekly earnings goal at the bottom. 3- The rides are far apart. 4- the active ride matching. 5- no carrots or incentives for all drivers. 6- red/purple color really bad choice. 7- customers service down the hill. 8- more coming soon.

Lyft takes more than 50% sometimes.

I had a ride, and it was a total of 76 dollars, after the ride. I saw I got only 32dollars and lyft got 44dollars. SERVICE FEE: $10 PLATFORM FEE:$32 Airport fee :$2 I thought it was only supposed to be 25% from total ride but lyft and Uber and taking all the cash away from us. What service does lyft provide , I had to make conversation and make the riders feel safe and comfortable and they say service fee . M done driving. 2567rides and rating of 4.93. Each day I feel frustrated if I wish to drive for lyft or Uber. Check ur fee breakdown after each ride and u will find out lyft and Uber take u as a servant. Taking Away all the cash.

Why lyft is still Exists!?

Omg, yesterday ! 3 hours driving not picking at all. This is Las Vegas it’s always busy. What’s goin on ?? . Today, It’s been an hour and still not picking up!!!. I started 3:30 pm and it’s already 6pm and I only have 3 rides 😂😩😡😭☹️. This is a completely waste.

App is lacking

I’ve been driving with Lyft for a little over a year. The app has slowed down tremendously. Almost every day I get a Lyft request, the app lags and gps takes about 5 minutes or so to activate before telling you where to go and once it do activate, the gps is telling you to make an immediate turn that risks an accident occurring. Or if I pick up the passenger, the gps won’t activate right away, and the passenger is ready to go and the driver is waiting for the app to process that the passenger is picked up. Just today, it took about 45 minutes to get my express pay when the email had already sent out 30 minutes prior that I had already been paid when I wasn’t. Lyft really needs to improve the speed of their app and get a 24/7 call center. It’s getting bad.

Simple fix here

More like 4.5. Please fix the map from zooming out to the entire world once arrived. I hate having to zoom in for 15 seconds.. Please fix Waze from going to the opposite side of the requested location. Google maps are always outdated due to construction and road changes in Seattle. Waze integrated into the app would work better since drivers are able to flag changes. Time online is always incorrect.

New app not downloaded

I have tried multiple times signout from old app and download this new app but still i am getting older app downloaded. I used IPhone 8 iOS 11.4.1 also tried on iPhone 7 Plus same updated iOS still nothing changed. Called lyft they couldn’t help. But some of the drivers are getting new app on iPhone and Android some of them aren’t.

Needs night mode!

The gps needs night mode!! So far no real complaints other than that.

Lyft Customers

I’ve been driving Lyft a year ago. I started love it, But after while a lot of % of customers they love to take advantage of drivers and they want to ride short trip for one destination and be waiting of them until they finish shopping at Walmart, buying food and also go to malicious places feeling unsafe. I’ve having a customers get a shot address destination , but the real destination it very long distance. After you’re driving close to the address destination they tell you “ I’m sorry but I put the wrong address by mistake. Don’t worry I will tell you what street you should go. “ sometimes we believe them. C’ mom drivers don’t be fooled it, It’s a strategy and manipulation. Lyft needs to improve this situation and take care more about us. Drivers are very valuable. 👍🏼

Scheduled pickups

What is soo new and improved if the scheduled pickups don’t even show up on the screen while on driver mode. You guys went backwards.

Passenger info

It’s a great app. It lacks showing the driver enough passenger info. I showed up to a ride and a lady walked out with 6 small children and no car seats. It need destination and passenger info before arrival. Beyond that it’s a good app.

Hearing privilege

No text accessibility to text rider. How you forget about Deaf drivers who can’t hear and not able to use voice to call rider. #audism Note: not autism, Audism. Look up on google and it is different define of audism and autism.

Horrible driver protection

Lyft does not care if you receive a undeserved 1 star rating. If a person doesn’t like you based on your skin color for example, the support team doesn’t help but will only email you on ‘ways to get better’ . Unless Lyft expects the person to pull a Michael Jackson skin bleaching, I really don’t see how the person can get better. I would give zero stars for this but have to at least put 1 Star. I would also like to add that drivers need to be compensated for wasted fuel and time. I drove 7 minutes and 5 miles only to have the person cancel while I was about 800 feet away

Fix it

The app keeps wanting me to turn my Bluetooth on, I don’t wanna turn my Bluetooth on. Fix it

Code: (SONY6789) 400$ bonus

This app is great u can make ur own hours and get extra money. Lyft care about the drivers. You use this code to get 400$ if u r a new driver. Just sign up , enter the code and start driving!!

It still doesn’t support landscape view

I think the in app rating doesn’t like to be rated. It will only ask for rating when you turn it on and used it for short period. When you use it for more than an hour. The app doesn’t ask you how your experience is. Landscape view is still not available. You cannot manually control zoom function of the map. Software doesn’t like it when mankind tell it what to do like it was designed for. Instead, it want to control what you do. And when there a bad review, you get the credit instead of stupid software cant function right, but won’t give any control to it either. It 23rd centuries soon. Voice text are more common than before. It would b a good feature to have, instead of calling. Some people doesn’t answer phone call from some random number. Doesn’t bother me none, when I hit them up for “No Show” fees.

Worst company

They offer $400 if u refer a driver,,, I did everything what they said and never got the “bunus” ...when I call Custumer service they can’t help ...


Could you please guys add town to the address to show where to drop of passengers?it shows only house number and the street , no town. So when you at the mall GPS doesn’t always work great to get out you don't know which way to go without town addresses,fix this please Another thing, please tell me what kind of the genius desires rode cancelation button exact in the same place as main dashboard button? I want to meet him

Getting worse as time goes on

Lyft used to be a lot better for drivers than Uber. Seems these days they've gotten greedy and I prefer to drive for Uber now.

Turn on bluetooth to connect lyft to accesories

The only thing that bothers me about the latest update, is that bluetooth message always pops up now. Other than that, this app works fine. The reviews are supposed to be ABOUT THE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE DRIVER APP!! NOT ABOUT THE PAY OR THE LYFT SERVICE!

Don’t believe the hype

First I have never come close to the $500 a week driving for Lyft, great marketing ploy not sure it works that way in a college town. Second the market I am in is flooded with out of town drivers so we local drivers can’t compete and these drivers from some customers who have told me don’t care for the passengers, why because they come from out of town and don’t care for the residents puts a bad name on local drivers. Third, as a researcher looking at this if you are in a major metropolis you may make up to 500 but for my location as I continue driving I get less requests and today have only completed 5 rides in 4 hours either better marketing is needed or quit sending out of town drivers so local market drivers can build better rapport in their own cities

These promotions should come from Lyft not the drivers.

I’ve been driving for this company for a 2yrs off and on. So much has changed for the worse I mean the have so many promotions that it effect the drives. I think if you are handing out these promotions maybe the should come from Lyft payout not the drivers. All the 3 and 5$ rides are ridiculous. Lyft is getting rich off me smh.


I won’t even try to drive for Uber I’m very happy with Lyfts services. I always enjoyed it more as a rider and I want to stay with Lyft for a while. Thank you so much for a great app, and a very good job thank you so much!

App Doesn’t Work & Non-Existent Help Service

The app freezes when I accept a ride request. I must force close the app from the multitask menu, then open it up again. Then it will give me an option to drop off the passenger (I haven’t even picked them up yet).... so I have to navigate to the passenger, pick them up, and drop them off, all separate from Lyft. Absolutely terrible app, and worse “customer” service. I have tried to reach a human representative to help me with this issue and have not gotten any help. A joke of a company, drive & ride Uber.


Never works right in airport, Always takes you out the Queue


App randomly tells me to turn on Bluetooth so “Lyft Driver” can connect to accessories. Also does it when app isn’t open.

The app

A lot time crashes horrible for drivers!

Don’t get it. Don’t

Feels like am using the app from medieval age. Sluggish, lots of bugs worst customer service ( startups does better than them) . Passenger pool is Like the outcast from uber. Treats drivers like they are not people, inconsiderate, and dirty. They don't pay drivers for their rides, not always. I have personally seen lyft underpaying for trips when I checked. Drivers be aware and check every trip. They not transparent at all. $2500 out of pocket if accident happens. Not worth it. I got into accident once, they don’t even care. For passenger and for driver, you would be lucky if you were on uber when something bad happen. Well, the food is bad, i tasted it, and i got sick. You don't have to taste it to confirm. You have got a choice. Well both of them rips off money from passenger and drivers. Make a better bad choice if you have to.

Forces an update then won't update???

Get it together lyft.

One star for no longer showing us pick up times with pings

The title says it all


Ride782 only gives you a $5 promo code

Decent Company, Lame App

Every update, they just mess it up worse. Enormous lag now when switching to “integrated” Google Maps (hah!). When tapping “Arrived” the app shows where the passenger is standing ... on a map of the entire North American continent! Great to know the passenger is on the West Coast!

Needs improvements but has strengths

A lot of the other reviews are very accurate!! Little pay for a lot of work and tips are not consistently left for the driver. Pay needs to be a little better and navigation makes it hard to find passengers sometimes. Xl does not charge much extra and pay doesn’t include how long t takes to get to the pick up. Please listen to the people trying to support the app and make improvements Lyft because I really enjoy the way the driver app is set up. A lot better than its competitors’. I like the breakdown and options it provides. I want to keep going with Lyft but if changes are not made to take care of the drivers, like Lyft says it does, then I will have to switch.

Needs drop down menu

It needs a drop down menu with written upcoming turns

Time tracker would be awesome

All together, great app! I think the app should include a counter telling drivers how long they have before being required to go rest. Plus how long they have during rest before they can get back on the road. Can be difficult keeping track of time, would be nice if the app could take that burden.


Good company.

Airport queue

Having the huge airport queue bubbles are really annoying and they get in the way most of the time.

Communist Leaders

1 ride 7 hours availability! And their excuse is it may be because of my phone network. Amazing how network is not an issue on another platform

Previous lyft driver

Don’t even think of working for this company full time it’s a waste of your time and they lie openly to everyone. You won’t even make minimum wage.

App shuts down and won’t reatart

4 out of the last five drivers have had the app shut down as they picked me up. One had to cancel the ride, and another kindly brought us to our destination, and we simply paid them in cash. Have stopped using the app and switched back to uber :( App needs a fix quickly! You are gonna start losing drivers and riders.

Not updated the new versión

cordial greeting, the application is not updated with the latest version

Can’t get the app to work

I loaded the app and can’t get past the location finder screen it just keeps thinking. Really need to fix this glitch.

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